WWE SmackDown: The Undertaker returns – will Bray Wyatt’s Fiend strike?

The Undertaker will appear 24 hours after he was referenced by a mysterious Bray Wyatt message.
As a part of his episode of Firefly Fun House, Wyatt disclosed his clock which had formerly been stuck on 3.16 had changed into 11.19 – and there’s an explanation for both of those times.
The first is a reference Steve Austin, who was on Raw this week and about whom Wyatt composed an activity which fans speculated, a tweet would lead to an angle between them both.
But no incident occurred and instead the time on Wyatt’s clock shifted to 11.19. Together with the American system of date formatting, 11/19 is November 19, the date the Undertaker made his WWF debut in 1990 at Survivor Series.
Wyatt’s Fiend has made a habit together with Kurt Angle, Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler falling prey to Wyatt’s newest creation of taking legends out previously with his Mandible Claw finisher.
Could he now be on a collision course with the character in WWE history of all time, the Undertaker himself?
Kingston’s journey takes him back
If SmackDown is broadcast in Madison Square Garden on Sky Sports Arena tonight, it will also indicate the return of Kofi Kingston into the location that put him on the map.
At a second that is truly full-circle, the incredible journey of Kingston will bring him to MSG, since he once again engages in a continuous conflict with The Viper, where Randy Orton crushed through a desk in 2009.
What will his visit the religious home of WWE attract? And how will the WWE winner respond to the recent strikes of The Apex Predator on The New Day five nights until and Orton collide at Clash of Champions to the WWE crown?
King of the Ring final
Andrade and shelton Benjamin both discovered the hard way what happens when Chad Gable is underestimated by an opponent. In last week’s King of the Ring quarter-finals, Gable utilized an to top Elias and Andrade overcame Ali’s attacks on his guitar arm to proceed.
Gable has stood tall against each challenge in the King of the Ring tournament so far, although elias now awaits the underdog Gable from the semi-finals.
Could he do it once more and property a spot in Sunday night struggle for the 2019 crown?

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