Take 2: Who Will Host the 91st Academy Awards?

Ellen DeGeneres is the favorite daytime host of lots of people around the world and she’s also the betting favorite to sponsor the 91st Academy Awards. The Oscars hosting gig has evolved into a position reserved for the most universally and industry-wide appreciated personalities, of whom DeGeneres is one.
Kevin Hart was initially chosen as this year’s host but stepped aside just days later after some previous tweets of his resurfaced into a chorus of outrage.
Ellen last hosted in 2014 when 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture. That broadcast was the highest-viewed show since Billy Crystal hosted in 1999, when American Beauty has been the major winner. The DeGeneres-hosted Oscars drew 43.74 million viewers in 2014 compared to last year’s Jimmy Kimmel-hosted series which has been the lowest-rated Oscars ever — 26.5 million viewers.
Can Kimmel Get Another Shot?
Jimmy Kimmel was put into a really tough spot annually as the host of the Oscars because he had to tackle the #MeToo movement in a room filled with Hollywood celebrities and executives. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, who is gaining a reputation for using his platform to attack the issues of the day with a side of comedy, was generally applauded for his attempts to walk the tightrope of funny and serious in an ever intense political and societal climate.
Nobody would be surprised to see him return for the next year, however, it’d be breaking with precedent as the show hasn’t seen someone host in forthcoming years because ol‘ faithful, Billy Crystal, from 1989 to 1992.
WHo I’d like to See There are just two duos on the plank that I would love to see given the chance to host the show. Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key (+800) are two of the funniest guys in the company and thrive in a sketch atmosphere. They can change the subject on a dime and would be excellent running a ribbon throughout the show whilst hitting comedic spots throughout.
Talking of duos who thrive in a sketch environment, you are able to bet on the duo of Kate McKinnon and Kristin Wiig at +1800. McKinnon stepped up and took Wiig’s role as Ms. Everything at SNL after Wiig proceeded on. Watching them work together in the live environment with their exclusive brands of humor would make me watch an event I might pass on.

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