Glossary of sports betting terms

Accumulator: A wager that includes 2 or more choices, the payout from a winning bet is placed on another bet and all bets have to win for the wager to succeed.

Comparable to“up betting“,“multiple bet“ and“parlay“. See our webpage parlays — multiple bets — accumulators.

Action: Bets being produced. Or in the case of baseball“activity bets“ will stand no matter if the listed pitches starts the match or not. Opposite of“recorded pitcher“.

Overall: A bet that will endure even in the case of withdrawal or scratching of the choice, or any other circumstances which might usually warrant a refund. No refunds given.

Up: A bet that is composed of 2 or more selections, the stake and winnings of 1 bet are put on another bet and all bets must win for the wager to succeed.

Comparable to a“accumulator“,“multiple“ bet and parlay. For more information see parlays — several bets — accumulators.

American odds: American odds are either expressed as a negative (-) amount or a positive (+) number. Negative (-) numbers are used for bets of less than money, like a favorite to win in a 2 outcome market. A negative (-) amount is how much you’d need to stake to acquire 100 m???.

Positive (+) numbers are used for stakes at higher than money for example for an underdog to win. Positive (+) numbers are how much you will win if you stake 100 m???.

American chances have been superseded by compounding chances.

Comparable to U.S odds. To learn more see decimal, fractional and American odds.

Anchor: A strong key bet contained in the majority of combinations within a multiple wager.

Similar to“banker“.

Ante article: Futures betting for the result of an event that’s still a long way off where the last area my not yet be understood.

Arbitrage: Making a string of bets on an event guaranteeing you a profit regardless of what the outcome.

Comparable to“Dutch book“,“green book“ and“trading“.

Back: To bet on an outcome to occur. Opposite of „lay“.

Backed in: A bet selection which has been heavily backed causing a reduction in the odds.

Similar to“come in““company“ and“shorten“. Opposite of“drift““head out“ and“lengthen“.

Bad beat: A difficult unlucky betting loss.

Banker: A solid key wager included in the majority of combinations within a multiple wager.

Comparable to“Anchor“.

Bankroll: Number of money set aside for betting. Betting accounts balances.

Beard: (American) Someone gambling on someone else’s behalf so the sportsbook won’t know the identity of the real bettor. For instance following a bettor is banned from betting, if“his spouse“ instantly opens a betting account it could be assumed that this is a beard accounts.

Comparable to“bowler“.

Best of it: Being an edge in a betting scenario. Having better value than whoever you’re betting against. Also utilized to mean using a lucky streak.

Similar to“edge“ and“worth“. Opposite of „sucker bet“, and „worst of it“.

Bet back: Hedging to decrease risk. If a sportsbook takes a lot of bets on 1 group they’ll have to pay out too much money if this team wins, so that they will place a bet on that team themselves together with another sportsbook. The same idea can apply to an individual bettor when he bets back contrary to his previous bets.

Bet the field: To back all possible outcomes except the favorite. For example“Tiger or the area“ means you are able to bet on Tiger Woods to win the championship, or you are able to wager on the field composed of every other player.

Betting market: Internet sites which broker bets involving their customers. They acting as a intermediary between individuals who want to bet that something will happen (backers) and individuals who wish to bet that something will not happen (layers). For instance 1xBit (review) and BetBTC (review).

Book: Ledger of bets taken on a current market, or somebody who offers odds and takes bets.

Short for“sportsbook“,“bookie“ and“bookmaker“

Bookie: Someone who gives odds and takes bets.

Short for“bookmaker“ and“sportsbook“. Abbreviated to“book“.

Bookmaker: Someone who offers odds and takes bets.

Similar to“sportsbook“. Abbreviated to“bookie“ or“book“.

Bowler: Someone gambling on somebody else’s behalf so that the sportsbook will not understand the identity of the real bettor. By way of example after a bettor is banned from betting, if“his wife“ instantly opens a betting accounts it could be assumed this is a bowler account.

Comparable to“beard“.

Buck: (American) A $100 wager.

Similar to“place“ or“ton“.

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