Hugo Lloris admits he does not expect to retire at Tottenham

Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris has confessed he isn’t expecting to finish his career and has opened the doorway to a move.
The 32-year-old has three years left on his deal and has only started his season with the north London club.
However Lloris shown he does not expect to retire at Spurs and is offered to a move.
„I don’t think I’m going to finish [my career] in Tottenham,“ he said.
„I still have a couple of years before me. Whatever the situation, I will do everything to create the most of it. You also need to understand when to say stop but I’m not against the thought of ??????finding something new.
„That could be the United States. I do not know, I’d had trouble looking in the medium term. I am more focused on the short term.
„In football, things go so fast. We are here and then we are elsewhere. You have to be careful. I could finish around [MLS], we will see.“
Lloris has created over 300 appearances for Tottenham and states the desire has been easy to resist so much, mainly due to Mauricio Pochettino.
„I never really opened the doors [to the idea of departing Tottenham] because I felt as though that I was really happy where I was,“ he explained.
„It’s not a lack of ambition in my part, it is just that I’m part of a job andevery year I have seen the improvement to bolster my decision. If tomorrow I believed was a regression, certainly I would then ask the question [about departing ].
„[Pochettino] has obtained the perfect profile [to get a large club]. He has shown a great deal of loyalty to Tottenham. He’s invested 200 percent at its supporters and the team.
„I’ve a strong relationship with him, on a human level too. And that doesn’t distort the relationship that is professional at all. The distinction is made by us [collectively ]. I enjoy his football thoughts, I like his personality. I am extremely pleased to be a part of the group.
„I can tell the difference between the condition of the club the day that I came and today. The club has developed at an incredible speed.“
Lloris can lead out Tottenham in their Champions League game on Wednesday from Olympiakos.

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