Miami Heat: 50-1

Something looks different about the Miami Heat this year.
I have got itNorris Cole’s high-top fade is more than it was last season, squared away.
Oh LeBron James is not on the team which delivers a blow in 2014-15 to Miami’s title hopes. That the Heat are relative long shots, after featuring as heavy favorites this time a year before.
Filling in for the King, Miami has veterans Luol Deng, Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts–three offseason improvements president Pat Riley would have chosen as James‘ sidekicks, not replacements.
Chris Bosh will be a part of the crime now, and he will do his best to reprise the part. And Dwyane Wade will step back in the spotlight, trusting his body holds up under the strain of increased responsibility.
It feels just like the Heat have sufficient ability to stay around as a playoff team. However, if Wade misses another 28 games nursing his knees, these postseason fantasies could vanish.

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