The Top Sports Betting Movies Ever Released

Films about sports are everywhere from Pride of the Yankees to Miracle to Field of Dreams.

Besides movies where players construct baseball diamonds in order that they may have a catch with Ray Liotta or overcome obstacles, there are many movies about gambling on sports which get overlooked.
These films might not have great ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but they are entertaining and reveal how Hollywood sees the entire world of betting on sports. It is not such a good world, because most films about sports betting tend to show that a more seedy , exaggerated aspect that bettors will never experience; about handicapping from such films, nevertheless, it is possible to learn a few things.
In no Specific order, here are the top sports
Boxing is in the heart of the gambling-heavy movie. What happens when con guys, James Woods (boo! ) ) Along with Oliver Platt (yasssss!) , attempt to gratify a town? Eventually the con artists turn into people — kind of — and twists are strengthened — sort of. In Addition, Louis Gossett Jr. and Heather Graham have been in this movie.
Fun fact: Director Michael Ritchie also helmed Bad News Bears, which can be a movie and an expression my friend uses when she’s trying to explain a situation gone.
The 1919 World Series is one of the most controversies in sports. This movie tells the story of those gamers along with White Sox brass with throwing the match involved. Dependent on the Black Sox Scandal, Jon Cusack plays Buck Weaver, D.B. Sweeney is Shoeless Joe and Charlie Sheen is Happy Felsch. These actors look like they can play when it comes to films about baseball.
Interesting fact: D.B. Sweeney is in The Cutting Edge, the best movie about skating. Do not @ me. It’s the facts. Toe pick!
He had been making movies which didn’t call him hanging off the side of a plane, Ahead of Tom Cruise became the poster child for aliens walking amongst us. In this Martin Scorsese-directed oeuvre, Cruise and Paul Newman and pool hustlers who scam people out of money because why not play with?
Fun fact: Newman reprises his role of Fast Eddie Felson from The Hustler. In addition, he creates killer salad .
Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey star in this sport gambling film about a college football star turned handicapping ace. The movie also touches on gambling addiction and how it can destroy your life and the life of those about you.
Interesting fact: This was the picture released on VHS by Morgan Creek Productions. Remember tapes? When I was very young, somebody — nobody in my family members will fess up — accidentally recorded three minutes of Expos??’s“Point of No Return“ video over a critical moment in Ghostbusters 2.
Depending on bet wiz Beth Raymer’s life span, this movie is all about a girl who realizes she has a knack for sports. The Raymer has since spent the better part of her career dispelling myths about sports betting and revealing the world that are not the lowlifes they portrayed as from the media.
Fun fact: Bruce Willis plays a very big role in this film. He is also a part owner of Planet Hollywood, an eatery as a cutout of Sylvester Stallone eyeballs you menacingly, where you can nosh in an overpriced hamburger.
Though, you could say that Harrelson still remains — for all the kids around, Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson and Rosie Perez were quite famous. Learn to True Detective Season 1! This film is really a staple for sports bettors and basketball fans alike because it combines street ball’s hustle as well as the smarts required to bet.
Fun fact: Former NBA players Marques Johnson along with Freeman Williams are currently supporting actors from the film. Gary Payton, a second former hoopster, makes an uncredited appearance.
James Caan plays with a Harvard-educated professor with a penchant for gaming and a love for Dostoevsky. The very best part? His title is Axel Freed which is one of those monikers that you wish was yours. This film demonstrates how a person may fall into a pit of grief and get comfortable in the dark, and also isn’t for the faint of heart.
Interesting fact: The film was remade in 2014 using Marky Mark (minus the Funky Bunch). Unless you’ve seen it, then, sorry — do not see this version.
It’s movies where Keanu Reeves plays a degenerate sports gambler who sings dances and Smalls awkwardly When there’s one thing that the world needs more of. He must teach a little league team to settle his debts. A young Michael B. Jordan, Diane Lane and John Hawkes round out the cast.
Interesting fact: The movie’s soundtrack reached No. 55 on the Billboard 200 charts.
Robert DeNiro plays a Iggles — that is the way they say it in parts of New Jersey and Philly — enthusiast who runs a bookmaking operation. Bradley Cooper is the son that spends most of the movie running within an Eagles jersey and a litter bag, and there’s Jennifer Lawrence within her Oscar-winning performance. Underneath all of the schmaltz there is some comedy and betting on sports. The movie touches on mental health in a way.
Fun Fact: The film focuses heavily on the 2008 NFL year, way before anyone knew that the Philadelphia Eagles could fly beyond the Patriots in 2018.
Another DeNiro movie (and one led by Scorsese), this one is really on a gaming handicapper who becomes a bigwig in the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas. The cast is rounded out by Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci and Don Rickles, aka one of the best comedians of all time.
Interesting fact: One time Rickles pulled him on stage and my brother went to visit Don Rickles reside and talked about his beard.
Will Smith and Margot Robbie perform with grifters who get involved in some unethical things in the Associated Football Franchise of America Championship Game. Really, the NFL did not give rights and that to the filmmakers.
Fun fact artist Apollo Robbins served to make certain the deception scenes appeared authentic.
Nicholas Cage and Gary Sinise. Nicholas freaking Cage! Lieutenant freaking Dan! Who cares whether it is great or what this film’s about, it’s Sinise and Cage over-acting like it is their job. It’s not a fantastic movie so that it made the record but it will touch on Vegas fights and gaming.
Interesting fact: The movie opened at the No. 2 spot behind Saving Private Ryan, beating out Halloween H20. Do not worry, Jamie Lee Curtis has that Activia money.
We at Odds Shark believe that gambling addiction isn’t a joke. Remember that next time you’re on the lookout for top sports gambling movies on Netflix and you’re watching a glamorized version of a person hitting rock bottom and dropping their kids‘ school tuition on some bad beats which betting should be fun. Take a step back, because unlike in the movies, you won’t be granted coach an staff to repay your bookie if you really feel as though your betting adventures are turning to wagering nightmares.

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