Does CBD Get You High? No, Here’s Why

Find out all you need to know about consuming MEDIHEMP Organic CBD oils. Cannabis is a family of plants with two primary classifications — Indica and Sativa. In case you are doubtful of the THC levels present in your CBD product, avoid taking it one month prior to the test. Additionally, the antidepressant properties of CBD oil means that if you have insomnia due to fear or a racing mind, then CBD oil can calm you enough to help you fall asleep.

The answer as to whether hemp oil and CBD oil are the same is pretty simple, and it all hinges on extraction. And, in fact, some drugs seem to work together with cannabis favorably. CBD oil can provide therapeutic relief in many forms, with many individuals reporting feeling healthier in areas of sleep, appetite and digestion, mood, immune function, pain, motor control, as well as pleasure and reward centers in the brain.

Thanks for sticking with us. Now, let’s get into all of the remarkable benefits of CBD oil. For instance, CBD stops the body from absorbing anandamide, one compound associated with regulating pain. It is not uncommon cdb oil for over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs to interact with other compounds. There is some evidence that CBD oil can provide important health benefits and even improve fitness and aid in recovery.

If you would like more information about our full range of CBD products, get in touch today on 0800 085 6211 or visit our CBD hub. Imperial Oil is a ~90% CBD oil with other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as non-detect levels of THC. In the 29 states where medical marijuana is legal, CBD products are covered by those same legal protections.

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