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Gambling Business Winners and Losers in 2015: Who Banked and Who Tanked

Mittwoch, Februar 26th, 2020

Gambling Business Winners and Losers in 2015: Who Banked and Who Tanked

Gambling business winners and losers in 2015 went from sea to sea that is shining America

Gambling business in 2015 was getting decidedly more complicated all the time.

Every gaming procedure, whether land-based or digital, seemed to be bogged straight down in litigation of some kind in 2010.

In it this year whether it was New Jersey’s push to open the sportsbooks, daily fantasy sports‘ hopes to be regulated, or even California’s seemingly never-ending journey to finally legalize online poker, the law had its hand.

That being said, some entities fared much better than others this year. Let’s have a look, beginning with the news that is good and who came out on top for 2015, and who got dunked.

The Big Winners


Oh, look: it’s our friend that is old PayPal right back in the US again to remind us we have to update the banking information on that account we opened in the late 1990s!

The online payment processor quietly decided this year it was once again willing to roll the dice in the face of US federal gaming laws that are still about as gray as a $5,000 chip at the Bellagio after a 12-year absence in America.

In 2002, four years after PayPal ended up being founded and customers started using the repayment processor to fund their online gambling reports, the electronic payment service flipped out when regulators began looking closely at whether the business was violating federal anti-gambling guideline (mehr …)

Research Claims Gambling Apps Present Substantial Protection Dangers to Users

Mittwoch, Februar 26th, 2020

Research Claims Gambling Apps Present Substantial Protection Dangers to Users

You do a bit of research to protect your mobile device from potential malware before you download new gambling apps, make sure.

Gambling apps in many cases are seen as absolutely nothing more than fun time-wasters that help bypass the time sitting in a physician’s workplace or waiting to undergo airport security. But a new study says a majority of these applications are at risk of malicious malware that may steal user’s information, track browsing, access contacts and calendar information, and even make unauthorized phone calls from your mobile number.

Security and data protection service provider Proofpoint says it tested 23,000 gambling that is free and discovered 52 containing malicious code, 379 with known security vulnerabilities, and 3,200 to be a ‚moderate risk‘ to consumers. The apps included poker, blackjack, bingo, solitaire, and card that is miscellaneous.

‚Cybercriminals are increasingly focusing on users that are mobile free mobile apps in order to steal information,‘ Proofpoint said in a statement. ‚The existence, and surprising prevalence, of riskware in apps … is just a valuable reminder associated with the value of a mobile app security strategy.‘

Holy Revelations

The many unexpected finding by Proofpoint was that religious apps will also be inclined to own spyware, and the environment seems to be a popular medium among cyber criminals.

Perhaps users are under the misundersta (mehr …)