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U.S. to blow $3 million to discover if CBD can decrease pain

Mittwoch, Oktober 23rd, 2019

U.S. to blow $3 million to discover if CBD can decrease pain

The government that is federal considers marijuana an unlawful drug, but more Some without than 30 states allow it use for a range of medical problems good evidence.Jeff Chiu / AP file

By Associated Press

The U.S. government will invest $3 million to discover if cannabis can decrease pain, but none associated with cash is likely to be used to analyze the the main plant that gets individuals high.

Nine research funds established are for work on CBD, the trendy thursday ingredient showing up in cosmetic makeup products and foods, and a huge selection of less familiar chemical compounds. THC research had been excluded.

The authorities nevertheless considers marijuana an unlawful medication, but more than 30 states enable it utilize for a variety of medical problems, some without good evidence.

The technology is strongest for chronic discomfort, the essential typical explanation people give if they sign up for state-approved marijuana that is medical. But Little is known about which right parts of cannabis are helpful and perhaps the intoxicating outcomes of THC may be prevented. (mehr …)