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New Hampshire House Rejects Casino Gambling

Donnerstag, März 5th, 2020

New Hampshire House Rejects Casino Gambling

The newest Hampshire House once again rejected a casino gambling bill.

Brand New Hampshire casino proponents thought that Wednesday had been their day.

Time and time again, the state House of Representatives had beaten back once again efforts to pass casino gambling bills for New Hampshire, but this week could happen different.

Both supporters of the casino bill and opponents were unsure of what the consequence of a bill could be, and there ended up being even discuss what Shawn Jasper, the House Speaker, would do in the event that vote ended in a tie that is dead.

Large Margin of Defeat Surprised Many

But each of that speculation was for naught, as the brand new Hampshire House once again voted against adding casino gambling towards the state, yet again defeating the bill with a margin that is fairly large.

In the end, there have been simply 156 votes in favor of the proposal against 208 against the theory of bring one or more casinos to hawaii.

‚ I do not think anyone whom had been in opposition to this bill ever suspected that it was planning to be that big of the margin,‘ said Representative David Hess (R-Hooksett).

‚ I became kind of shocked by the vote, said State Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester), who introduced the friend bill that passed in the New Hampshire Senate last thirty days. ‚I thought we would do much better.‘

Governor Supports Casino Gambling

Governor Maggie Hassan had been lobbying strongly for the bill, a (mehr …)

Revere to Sue Massachusetts Gaming Commission Over Everett License

Donnerstag, März 5th, 2020

Revere to Sue Massachusetts Gaming Commission Over Everett License

Suffolk Downs Racetrack will be forced to close following the Revere casino that is unsuccessful bid.

The City of Revere near Boston will sue the Massachusetts Gaming Commission over its decision to award the East Massachusetts casino gaming permit to Wynn Resorts over Mohegan Sun. Mohegan Sun, which wished to develop a $526 million casino on land owned by the Suffolk Downs Racetrack in Revere, lost the license battle last month following a protracted bidding process which cost both sides vast amounts, as well as times descended into tit for tat recriminations.

While Wynn now focuses on its vision of creating a resort in Everett, just a few miles to the east, Revere is left to pick up the pieces and mourn the resulting closure of this historic Suffolk Downs thoroughbred racetrack.

The horseracing industry had been hit by way of a 40 percent reduction in recent years and it had been believed that the proposed Mohegan Sun resort will be sufficient to save Suffolk Downs, whose owners had pledged to carry on running for at minimum another 15 years should win the license revere.

In fact, the necessity to protect Suffolk Downs was among the primary motivations for the establishment of the 2011 Gambling Act, which expanded casino gaming in the state and created the eastern Massachusetts casino license. The choice to go with Wynn Resorts has hammered the nail that is final the thoroughbred horseracing industry i (mehr …)