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That is Boris Johnson’s very very first spouse, former Tatler address woman Allegra Mostyn-Owen?

Dienstag, Dezember 24th, 2019

That is Boris Johnson’s very very first spouse, former Tatler address woman Allegra Mostyn-Owen?

Who’s the glamorous college gf whom became the spouse of y our freshly appointed Uk Prime Minister, Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson and Allegra Mostyn-Owen at Oxford in 1986

Allegra Mostyn-Owen had been Boris Johnson’s university gf and their very first spouse – 32 years back. The set had been area of the ‘bright young things’ associated with the Oxford college elite, a golden, glossy, head-turning act that is double.

Allegra, the Italian for ‘joyful’ or ‘lively’, a word which is used to annotate uplifting music, ended up being allegedly ‘not’ their state she was at after (and during) her wedding to Johnson. A union that lasted six years, between 1987 and 1993, as soon as the couple eventually divorced.


The regular Mail described the wedding ‘as a cross between La Dolce Vita and Brideshead Revisited’. Allegra had been the daughter that is captivating of historian and Christie’s auction household Chairman, the millionaire William Mostyn-Owen along with his Italian author spouse, Gaia Servadio. Your family chair had been Woodhouse, an estate that is grade-ii-listed Shropshire. The home had been their wedding place – whenever Allegra wove plants through her locks and Johnson arrived with neither pants nor footwear.

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By Annabel Sampson

An Oxford contemporary told the Mail that, ‘Allegra had a lot of the Italian Botticelli angel appears: blond and ethereal. That quality made her seem untouchable to the sleep of us – which will be exactly what Boris might have desired as being a trophy.’

In the event that you rewind back into the time of these conference, Johnson had been the Old Etonian President associated with the Union who had previously been granted the Brackenbury Scholarship of Balliol for academic quality – and Allegra had been their mythological award. (mehr …)